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Pork meat, within a Mediterranean diet, helps on preventing and treating cancer

The Mediterranean diet and essential fatty acids in pigmeat, a good support in the prevention and treatment of cancer

The Sociedad Española de Farmacia Familiar y Comunitaria (SEFAC) has produced a Guide to nutritional action in cancer patients. It insists on...

Pork meat has enhanced its quality thanks to investigations on animal feeding

The quality of pork meat recovers its proper position

Pork has been the victim of a series of consumer taboos, being seen as a low quality product and excessively fat. This preconceived idea, which...

Pork meat in sportsperson diet. Sport and nutrition

Eating pork is beneficial for sports activities

Sports activities lead to a high need for proteins and essential amino acids, in addition to a correct water balance. Eating pork is beneficial...

Food for children and pork. It’s healthy and children like it

Food for children and pork. It’s healthy and children like it

Pork meat is perfect for feeding children with its balanced energy content and supply of proteins, vitamins and essential minerals. It is an ideal...

Pork meat, rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and Omega-3 keeps your cholesterol low

Keep cholesterol at bay with pork rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and Omega-3

Monounsaturated fatty acids (such as oleic acid, also found in olive oil) contribute to reducing levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) and increasing...

Pork meat, low in fats, benefits diest for diabetics

The role of pork meat in the diet for diabetics

Diets for people with diabetes have to be varied and healthy, and take into account that sugar enters the organism not only in desserts, but also...

Losing weight eating pork meat is possible. Low fat diets and lean meat

Lose weight by eating pork? But of course!

When someone decides to lose weight a whole lot of myths and preconceived ideas come into play which in no way help in making the right decision....

Pork meat feed the brain. Intelligent food

Pork meat and mental health: intelligent food

Vía jorgesl.com Dr. Reina García Closas, qualified in Medicine and Surgery, specialising in Preventive Medicine and Public Health, in Nutrition...