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Lose weight by eating pork? But of course!

When someone decides to lose weight a whole lot of myths and preconceived ideas come into play which in no way help in making the right decision. Today, few people believe in miracle diets and their risks are much better known. By eating pork we can avoid fats and improve our health.

To lose weight it is important to insist on varied foods which supply the organism with all the necessary nutrients, but with fewer calories. Pork meat is lean meat and covers a high percentage of the recommended daily allowance of many nutrients. (LINK AL POST DE LOS VALORES NUTRITIONALES)

70% of the fat in pork can be removed

Pork meat is one of the most consumed in the world but traditionally has had a poor reputation due to false popular beliefs. Today, many publications specialising in nutrition recommend its consumption as part of a healthy diet and in diets for weight loss.

The online magazine Vitónica, one of the oldest and best valued in this sector, indicates many studies which certify that pork meat is naturally lean, very rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals, suitable for any diet. And nearly 70% of the fat in pork is subcutaneous, so that it can easily be removed, making the meat very suitable for low calorie diets.

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