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Rediscover white meat with easy and delicious recipes


White coat pig meat is one of the most complete meats on the market with nutritional qualities that, if we use the parts most apt for our consumption, make for a healthy balanced option to include in our diet.

  • It’s lean meat
  • It’s rich in minerals, proteins and vitamins: iron, sodium, zinc, phosphorus, vitamin B1
  • Pig loin is rich in oleic acid and contains unsaturated fats which are beneficial fo the human body, as they reduce cholesterol


The price-quality relation of pig meat is unbeatable. This foodstuff, whether fresh or processed, can usually be found at an excellent price, making it a modest option for all budgets.

And… the kids like it just as much as the adults: it’s perfect for all the family.


Pig meat can be prepared in a vast Lumber of ways and different World cultures prepare it according to different cooking methods: smoking, roasting, grilling, barbecuing, stewing, salting, in sausages, etc.

Discover our recipes and give them a try. Tasty, healthy, Mediterranean.

Add pork meat to your menu and gift your loved ones with this tasty and healthy recipes

Embedded thumbnail for Multi-layer sandwich

Multi-layer sandwich

2 people Duration: Half an hour Easy
Embedded thumbnail for Front feet casserole with chick peas

Front feet casserole with chick peas

4 personas Tiempo: 3 h Difficult
Pork meat feed the brain. Intelligent food

Pork meat and mental health: intelligent food

Vía jorgesl.com Dr. Reina García Closas, qualified in Medicine and Surgery, specialising in Preventive Medicine and Public Health, in Nutrition...

Embedded thumbnail for Iberian pork Gyozas (Asian steam filled pastries)

Iberian pork Gyozas (Asian steam filled pastries)

4 people Duration: 1 h 45 m Medium
Embedded thumbnail for Barbecued pork ribs

Barbecued pork ribs

4 people Duration: 40 m Medium

Select one of the parts of the pig to continue ...


The pìg’s head is a gelatinous parto f the meat. Whole, it can be stewed or roasted. The ear, face and snout are excellent grilled or to add flavour to stews.

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A lean piece corresponding to the fleshy parts which are found on each side of the scout. When properly cooked they are tender, juicy and succulent.

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Lean meat

Minced, in fillets, or in cubes for brochettes, this cut incluyes the jowls, a tender and very flavour-filled meat which can be cooked whole, roast or stuffed.

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A specially lean cut which is usually used for fillets for grilling, or to be battered or roast in the oven.

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The leanest part of the pig; each of the two pieces of flesh which lie next to the spine and below the ribs. It usually comes in cylindrical form.

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This cut contains the bony parts of the rib cage, alternating between meat and bone. They can be cooked in many different ways.

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A lean meat and the most cometed part of the pig, despite its small size. It is juicy and tasty.

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This is the ‘thigh’ of the fore limbs, which can be used for minced meat, stews or fillets. It can also be cured, like ham.

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Front feet

They are a very popular cut in traditional cuisine. They can be cooked fried or in sauce. Their meat is juicy and gelatinous due to its high collagen content.

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These are the hind limbs. This is often dried and is eaten cured as well as in the preparation of cooked ham.

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As with the hands of the pig, this is a delicious lean meat. It contains proteins and collagen, both beneficial to the organism.

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