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Food for children and pork. It’s healthy and children like it

Pork meat is perfect for feeding children with its balanced energy content and supply of proteins, vitamins and essential minerals. It is an ideal meat to be introduced into the weekly menus at any age.

It is not only beneficial for children; pork meat is good for the diet in pregnancy. Vitamins B12, B1 and minerals such as zinc are essential for the correct development of the foetus, while B12 helps cellular reproduction and iron prevents possible cases of anaemia.

Pork in supplementary foods for lactation

After the 6 months of exclusive breast-feeding recommended by the WHO, supplementary foods are introduced little by little, basically to replace reserves of zinc and iron, nutrients for which pork meat is an important source. It is also low in fat and easy to digest.

In contrast, beef is more difficult to digest, with its high content in collagen, and contains saturated fats. This is why white meat is generally introduced into the baby’s feeding first.

Among the white meats, pork is a very good choice for the breast-fed baby just starting with solid foods. Pork tenderloin, for example, juicy and free of sinews, chopped, pureed or in tiny chunks for the baby to chew would be a healthy choice.

From 12 months on, cooked ham and cured ham (in small quantities due to the salt content) are good for snacks, since at this age the little ones love to nibble bread and chewing on harder morsels helps their teething.

A healthy diet for children and adolescents includes pork

In foods for children and adolescents pork plays a key role for its content in healthy fats, high quality proteins, vitamins and minerals. In this stage, with lots of physical and mental activity, the child needs a good nutritional source for the good development of the organism and healthy growth.

Children especially like the mild flavour and tender texture, easy to eat.  Introducing pork meat into the feeding of the youngest children is a way of offering them a healthy and varied diet. The versatility of this meat, which can be prepared in a great many ways, helps its inclusion in the daily menu.


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