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Eating pork is beneficial for sports activities

Sports activities lead to a high need for proteins and essential amino acids, in addition to a correct water balance. Eating pork is beneficial for the sportsperson because it is lean meat, with a high protein content and a good source of essential amino acids.

Pork loin is the new chicken breast

For years it has been considered that the only meat suitable for sportspersons is chicken. However, numerous scientific studies make it clear that pork meat should be included as a valuable source of all the nutrients necessary for the sports diet. That typical chicken with rice has become obsolete. Welcome to lean cuts of pork.

A sportsperson needs a high supply of proteins, as these are concerned with forming the tissues. Pork meat has high quality proteins, group B vitamins to help in the synthesis of red corpuscles and minerals such as iron, easily absorbed and necessary for the formation of haemoglobin and the transport of oxygen. These, together with riboflavin, increase physical performance and resistance to fatigue.

Pork meat also supplies a large quantity of potassium, the mineral involved in correct muscular function and in good performance by the various muscles of the organism, among them the heart. It is also an electrolyte, with an important role in water balance and in maintaining normal blood pressure.

Pork, a key to muscular development

Eating pork combined with plans for muscular development visibly increases the results. B type vitamins metabolize the carbohydrates, which the sportsperson has to consume in large quantities to generate musculature rapidly.

The book Pork meat in nutrition and health recommends eating pork meat some 3-4 times a week. So now you need no excuse to vary the old-fashioned menu of chicken breast with rice and improve not only your physical form, but also your quality of life.

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