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Sliced pork throttles with prawn tartar

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4 People Duration: 1 h
  • 2 pork Trotters
  • 200 grammes fresh prawn
  • 100 grammes kimchi
  • 150 extra virgin olive oil
  • Fresh shoots
  • Salt and pepper

Cook the trotters in water with salt and spices to taste. When they are warm, de-bone them and roll them up like cold cuts with the aid of clingfilm and put to one side.

Peel and wash the prawns, and with the help of a tenderizer, squash them in a plastic bag until they are a fine sheet.

Finely chop the kimchi and make a vinaigrette with the olive oil

To serve, place the prawns on a plate and cut the sliced meat of trotters with the help of a slicer. Place the sliced meat around the prawns and finish off with the kimchi vinaigrette. Garnish with the fresh shoots.

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